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...to ignore evil is to do evil...

Preacher Orville Cade quoting from the Bible: "Son of man, I have appointed you a watchman, but you have not spoken to warn the wicked man against his ways, and if you have not warned the evil man, you will have saved his life, and an evil on all of you."

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You ask how I know. And I tell you I know what I know in my veins. It divides and segregates into my consciousness like blood into red cells and white, platelets, nutrients, waste, poisons. I know what I know in color and broken glass, the texture of dirt, of houses, dresses, leather shoes; the shapes of trees, weeds, holes, cracks; of promises and deception. I see it when I am far away, smell it through open windows, smell them, hear them, see them in my eyes, taste them on my skin. What I know I see crawling, burrowing, rooting, spinning, flying; flaking from old buildings like marrow from old bones. I know what I know.

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